Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Did I mention I'd gone mad?

Oh my well hasn't it been a while, er, yes, ahaha... right, well, after that interestingly long absence I suppose I should inform this web page about what the chuff has been going on for the several decades that I've been away from it. So, yeah, remember way waaaaay back when I was doing that film about two sky pirates in a flying ship? No? Didn't think so. My class were a bit surprised when I pitched it as well after having heard nothing about it preceding the last animatic viewing crit before Christmas. My tutor wasn't too informed either.

Alas, now this left me with a dilemma; the class sympathising with why I wanted to do the sky pirates and seeing I'd done about the same amount of work and understanding the animatic was rubbish because I'd made it in the last forty-eight hours (and really, it was quite dire), my tutor blasting a hole the size of Albania in my head for doing something so colossally stupid. Now I had two films that I liked but couldn't decide between and was dying over equally, because whichever one I picked I would be blown to smithereens, if not by my class or teacher then at least by my own brain saying what the hell did I think I was doing.

So, er, I'm not saying I'm doing one or the other, and I'm not saying I'm not doing either, and I'm not saying I'm not trying to do both.

...Shut up I know I'm going to die if I did that, which is why I'm going to make my class choose for me when I get back when I have enough material done for both.

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