Sunday, 22 November 2009

About bloody time...

The extent of my idiocy and the time it takes for me to figure things out will never cease to amaze me, BUT I think I might have managed to re-write a crucial part of the film and I might even get away with not having to have any script. At all. Like, really.
Naturally I'll try running it past a few few people to make sure they can understand it without any dialogue- if it falls down I don't mind having a few lines in, and it would actually make it flow more nicely; just some supportive narrative, but nothing that's heavily relied on. This does, on the other hand, mean that I don't have to freak out about looking for a voice actor immediatly; because it won't be lip-synced if I have any speach I don't have to preplan sections of animation to fit around it so exactly. I have much more time to think about what I will be using in terms of verbal script and I can really focus on the visual clarity of the story, which is awesome because I've had very little direction at all for the past week. It's a bit frustrating that my brain has taken that lng to figure out what to do, but now I have at least something different to work on that still feels like my work. Now what I need to start panicking about is finding a good composer...
Meanwhile, life continues, as does the rain.

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