Wednesday, 14 October 2009

A bit of a late start...

Well, here goes the first entry of the first blog I've ever done! This blog is to follow the progress of a strange and elusive creature known as a third year animation student (exhausticatius fatalium stressbagus), this particular specimen being known under the name of one Sarah Jolley.

I am currently in my final year of BA Hons Animation at the University of Wales, Newport, and it is apparent that although I am slightly aware of what I am doing during this year (although even that is questionable at best), I must record a means for others to also know what I am up to. I have actually been working on the project for a good four weeks already, and if you include the work I have been doing over the summer I have been going at this for too many months to track. My film, which aims to be around three minutes long, is based around the notion that anything is possible as long as you believe in your dreams and, perhaps even more importantly, you have someone who believes in you. It has several layers of meaning (spanning from the basic adventure story it covers to themes such as depression and environmental issues such as pollution and the apathy of human civilisation, fun!), but the main aspect I want to get across is that admirable determination to prove that the impossible, on the whole, really isn't impossible.

Anyway, I will shortly make a post about how far into the process I am, what my next steps will be, and how many ideas I've already run through, thrown away and changed to get where I am now. Catch up is such sweet sorrow...

Here's to the first of many to come!

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