Monday, 19 October 2009

Turn the red light on!

Recording is a go-go!

We're on schedule to do the rough sound recording of the script tomorrow morning, which is fantastic because then I can fiddle about with the storyboard animatic to make it all fit and omit any speech that I need to. This means I can spend the rest of today (as planned) really nailing the designs of the train and flying machine, and if I'm lucky I can even do some more up to date concept art for the characters and settings.
Spent yesterday trying to unwind a little bit, I have been working a little too hard lately, so having my parents visit with the dogs was the best thing in the world. I originally come from Manchester, and studying in the South of Wales so intensely means that I really don't get to see them as often as I'd like (or need to, frankly). We spent a merry hour or two bunging strawberry plants and granny's bonnets in the back garden, and me and my house mate Adam demonstrated the new Beatles Rockband game for them with much glee. Superb game, and very inspiring. It was a breath of fresh air seeing them not only because I miss them, but also to remind myself of the sort of people that I really want to make my film for; not my tutors, not me, but anyone and everyone, and especially everyone who has supported me to get this far.

Ahem, Oscar acceptance speech over, onto more work! Off to London on Friday as well so this weekend has to be accounted for by doing extra work during this week and next. Also trying to plan when I can next have another go at my dissertation properly; I've written about 5000 words of it so far (it has to be 10,000 words not including quotations), which is a good start, but I must be careful not to get so out of the zone that when I pick it up again I won't have a clue what to say!

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