Monday, 26 October 2009

Once more unto the breach...

Phew, so, having taken a much needed three day break at the Expo in London this weekend (having returned at about one in the morning last night and waking to find my body as an aching mass of searing pain today), we're back at full tilt without time to catch a breath! It was wonderful to see everyone at the Expo though and I think I needed it to stop me from going completely doo-lally from work, so no regrets there!
Monday is lectures and tutorial time, but hopefully after this I can start working on the backgrounds for the animatic again and trying to get hold of a possible second voice actor- it's always a good idea to have a few auditions for the voices in an animation, and especially in my case where there is only one main voice actor it is key to get the voice correct.
Short blog but I have no brain at the moment and my hands are still a little cramped from shaking hands/high fives/mass glomping sessions and carrying luggage, so it figures.

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